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deep sea keepcup (small)

deep sea keepcup (small)


♡ completely hand-moulded & painted in New Zealand

♡ takes two weeks to craft

♡ all NZ clay and glaze

♡ holds 200mls 

♡ 7x7cm

♡ food safe

♡ dishwasher & microwave safe

♡ due to the handmade nature of my pieces, do not expect ‘perfection’, any notable flaws will be stated in the description, all others add charm and an organic feel


How do the keep-cups work? 


These keep-cups are designed with half a lid built in. There is a gap for your beverage to be poured in, mixed and then enjoyed with the comfortable lid that’s designed to fit the lips. Once you’ve taken the first couple of sips, I find it’s travel friendly in the car with the size fitting into most cup holders. They are dishwasher safe which keeps the area under the lid clean and free from build-up. Ceramic is a materiel that conducts what is around it, meaning if it’s cold, it will cool down your drink quicker. I recommend pre-heating the cup with boiling water before getting a coffee or milk based drink to keep it hot, teas and black coffees seem to be fine going straight it. The small keep-cups are great for small strong coffees like long blacks and double shot lattes etc, I recommend the regular size for hot chocolates, matcha lattes or flat whites. Hopefully that helps inform your purchase!

Lots of love, 


Maya x

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